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# Fan Air Circulation in room,
# Air Dust filtering,
# White LED light,

~ matching to standard office ceiling panel structure
~ for hospital, office, operating room, school, restaurant, bank, airport, theatre, shopping mall and other

SMART HELMET for Contactless Temperature Measurement, Thermal Screening (up to 200 people/min) with Alarm for Fever symptoms of potential carrier of Coronavirus / other Viruses, identity verification of people and vehicles, industrial facilities and equipment fault inspection, night vision, indoor & outdoor

# Temperature Measurement & Recording contactless and unaware with ALARM for High Temperature Fever symptom of Coronavirus (for separation and further evaluation),

# Thermal Body Image detection of high temperature injuries and lesions,

# Face Recognition and Verification,

# Vehicle License Plate Recognition, Screening and ALERT for suspect or unregistered vehicles,

# Night Thermal vision for suspects or search for people / animals

# Thermal imaging Inspection for abnormal temperatures of faults of engineering facilities, pipes, electronics and other.

smart helmet for temperature measurement

 helmet for thermal imaging temperature measurement

Helmet temperature testing and face recognition   

 helmet for temperature testing and identity verification

Smart helmet showing Face and identity        Smart Helmet with thermal imaging
recognition and temperature measurement     temperature measurement, face
                                                                  recognition and identity confirmation


Smart Helmet with AR view of thermal images

Powerful Helmet for Army, Police, Industrial facilities and equipment, Government, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Checkpoints, Central Business District, Roads, public transport


Modes of the Smart Helmet:

1] Single-person temperature measurement mode with Thermal imaging and Alarm for Fever 

2] Large-crowd temperature measurement mode with Thermal imaging and Alarm for Fever

3] QR code mode for Identity code scan to acquire personal information, identify and verify     

4] QR identity code scan & temperature measurement mode with Alarm for high temperature   

5] Vehicle License Plate recognition mode, screening and ALERT for suspect or unregistered vehicles from database

6] License plate recognition and temperature measurement mode

7] Thermo-graphic diagnostic imaging mode for body parts for detection of injuries, lesions with high temperature

8] Mode for Night-vision Thermal images for night / fog search for unauthorized personnel, lost people, suspects, as well as Industrial Facility & equipment thermal inspection for abnormal temperatures of faults with abnormal temperatures in Industrial equipment (HVAC, pipelines, electronics, etc)

9] Face Recognition and Identity Verification mode, to display personal information will be displayed on the AR display, to manage lists of employees, visitors and non-authorized people


(Up to 120 people/min = 7,200 / hr) LCD Terminal for FACE RECOGNITION and TEMPERATURE CHECK with Voice Prompts & Signals for Access Control
(Up to 500 people/min = 30,000/hr)
(Up to 200 people/min = 12,000 / hr)           SMART HELMET for TEMPERATURE SCREENING with ALARM, PEOPLE's IDENTITY & VEHICLE PLATES Verification,  INSPECTION of Industrial facilities, NIGHT VISION
Touch Screen Panels
HMI LCD Operator Panels
INNOLUX, other LCD Screens
L1/L2 GPS Antennas
OBSOLETE PARTS: Intel, Dell, ELO, Rockwell, Displays, Touch Panels, Computer Boards, SSD, LCD
VFD Modules (previous Samsungs)
Futaba VFD, LCD, OLED, Touch Panel

helmet muliple temperature measurement   helmet single temperature measurement  helmet wounds temperature measurement

Large Crowd Temperature test/span>                Single Person Temperature Test              Thermographic body image diagnostic

mode, with Alarm for high temperature     mode, with Alarm for high temperature     to detect lesions, injuries with fever


Helmet identity person checking  Helmet identity testing  Night vision testing

Face recognition mode with information   Identity testing mode face recognition      Smart helmet with thermal imaging

displayed to verify employees, visitors     and Identity verification


Helmet Plate recognition  helmet temperature measurement plate recognition  Helmet temperaturenight imaging machine diagnostics

Licence plate recognition mode and         Licence plate recognition + person        Night-vision + thermal imaging inspection

Alert if suspect or unregistered vehicle     temperature measurement mode           mode for search for unauthorized suspects

in registry                                              with Alarm for abnormal temperature     or person/animals, as well as for industrial

                                                                                                                      application of abnormal temperatures of 

                                                                                                                      faults of engineering facilities, pipelines,

                                                                                                                      HVAC, electronics

Helmet Body:      Helmet shell weight 115g, total weight 1080g, dimensions: 236*293*185mm,

Helmet Goggles: All-time capability with lighting conditions self-adaption

AR Display:        High standard array optical waveguide AR technology, 24/7 new visual experience.

Communication: Advance meta-material technology with strong signal, low power consumption and ultra-low radiation (conformal antenna 8-in-1) 

~ Design of Gravity Center Balancing, refer to the balance design of aircraft gravity center

~ Infrared Thermal imaging

~ High-accuracy quick unaware and contactless temperature measurement with accuracy 0.3C (within 1m outside and 2m inside), with Alarm for fever temperatures 37.3C [37.5C (within 1m), 38C (1.5m), 38.5C (2m), 39C (2.5m), 39.5C (4.7m), 40C (5m) 40.5C (7m)]

~ AI (Artificial Intelligence) Capabilities, support offline face recognition and license plate recognition.

~ Battery Capacity: no less than 5000Mah, Standby time 24H


Powerful Helmet  for thermal and identity verification of crowds, individuals, vehicles, passengers,  (up to 200 poeple/min), industrial facilities and equipment fault inspection, night vision, for industry, Army, Venues, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Checkpoints, Central Business District, Roads, public transport, etc

Large crowd temperature measurement mode with thermal imaging:

~ temperature of forehead, collar, arm and other body parts exposed in the screen will be measured.

~ System will display the temperature if any part in the screen falls into preset temperature range.

~ The Alarm will trigger when any part of the temperature goes above the threshold value


Powerful Helmet for Verification:

~ rapid face recognition and identity verification


Efficient Helmet for Temperature Recording

~ records personal info with their body temperature automatically

Single-person temperature measurement mode (target in the centre of screen)

~ max temperature of different part of body displayed on the AR module, with Alarm (visual and audible) above normal temperature range

QR code mode, scan the code to automatically record personal temperature into data base in real time for paperless data logging

QR code and Temperature Measurement Mode, first scan QR code to acquire the personal information, then take a person temperature within 3 sec. (will be automatically recorded into database, for paperless registration of personal information and temperature)

Thermo-graphic diagnostic Imaging mode (on specific parts of body to assist to find the location and size of lesion area that cause fever)

Licence plate recognition mode, to identify and alert unregistered vehicles or suspect vehicles recorded in database

Licence plate recognition and Temperature measurement mode.

Helmet Identifies car number plate and measures temperature of single target in centre of screen and displays on the AR module the max temperature of body, with audible and visual Alarm for temperature above normal.

Night-vision / facility and equipment fault inspection mode

Thermal imaging scanning of industrial facilities at night for searching for unauthorized personnel, as well as thermal inspection of faults in industrial equipment, HVAC, pipelines and electronic equipment, to assist finding faults with abnormal temperature 

Face Recognition mode

The face of target in the screen is recognized and the personal information will be displayed on the AR display. Applications for enterprises and institutions to manage lists of employees and visitors and non-authorized people.

AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Supports offline face recognition and license plate recognition

Supports QR code identification for paperless registration


For Army, Police, Government, Hospital, Office Building, Checkpoints, Shops, Leisure Centres, Cinemas, Theatres, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Venues, Exhibitions,  Crowds of people in public transport, etc


Early detection of Fever patients with unaware and contactless temperature measurement and paperless registration to separate and avoid viral cross-transmission between medical personnel and potential fever patients, or office employees and potential cariers of virus, police checkpoints for screening potential patients, 

Basic Information

Visible light camera module

Processor ARM Cortex A53 octa-core 2.5GHz  Maximum pixels 13 megapixels
Operating system  Android 8.1 Maximum aperture F2.0
RAM DDR 4GB Field of view 78
Memory eMMC 64GB Video resolution 1080P@30fps
Weight 1080g10g  (2.380.0221b) Data Communication Module
AR Display Module Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Display Array type optical waveguide display Bluetooth BT 4.2, backward compatible with 3.0,2.1,supporting BLE
Resolution 1280x720 dots Battery Module
Field of view 35 Capacity more than 5,000mAh 
Virtual screen size Equivalent to watching 74-inch TV from 3m away Voltage DC3.7-4.2V 
Rated brightness 300 nits Charging voltage DC5.0V 5%
Infrared Thermal Imaging Module Quick charge Supporting 2A fast charging
Resolution 384x288 Protective Performance
Response band 8m-14m Absorbing collision energy RF electromagnetic field radiated susceptibility
Image frequency-frame 25Hz Penetration resistance Complying with the  requirements of penetration resistance testing GA 296-2001
Temperature measurement range minus20C-plus120C (4F-248F) Specific Absorpton Rate SAR < 0.05 W/kg (0023 W/lb)
Temperature measurement accuracy plus/minus0.3C within the specified range (2m by default) ESD anti-interference Complying with the requirements of ESD anti-interference in GB/T 17626.2-2006

RF electromagnetic field radiated susceptibility Complying with the requirements of ESD anti-interference in GB/T 17626.2-2006

Helmet Goggles

Same manufacturing process as helmet googles for Pilots

Advanced photo-chromic material with multiple protection.

All-time capability with lighting conditions self-adaption

# Resistant to Air-borne Droplets, high-speed impact, scratch, fingerprint, water-mist

# Prevent high-speed impact of 6mm (0.236inch) steel ball at 200m/s (656.2 ft/s) without rupture or penetration


AR Display

High standard array optical waveguide AR technology, 24/7 new visual experience

Field of view 35deg, as watching 74-inch TV from 3m away

# no dark Corner, blind sport or sense of oppression, resolution 1280x720, rated 300nit brightness



Advanced meta-material technology with strong signal, low power consumption and ultra-low radiation

Conformal antenna 8-in-1

Specific Absorption Rate SAR <0.05W/kg (0.023W/lb)

Only 1/20 of mobile phone radiation


Design of Gravity Center Balancing

Balance design of aircraft gravity center

~ avoid the formation of cantilever structure in working state, to help to protect the neck and improve wearing comfort

The range of the gravity center c.g.diagram < 5mm (0.197inch)


Helmet body

Advanced stab-proof meta-material with energy-absorbing design and ultimate weight reduction

Helmet shell weight: 115g (0.25 lb), total weight 1080g (2.38lb)

Impact without damage of steel cone 3kg (6.6lb) free falling from 1m (39.3inch)


Infrared Thermal Imaging

High-Accuracy, quick, unaware and contactless

Efficiency: 200 people/min, range: -20C+120C (-4F+248F), resolution 384x288



5,000mAh, 8hrs in temperature measurement mode, 24hrs standby time,



Modified Lycra fabric (high ability to mould to head, super stretch and shape retention, all day comfort), high strength Military nylon laces, High grade soft and durable Lamb suede, safety magnetic suction buckle to open with one hand





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