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Parameters + Installation:   Liquid Crystal LC PRIVACY FILM




* with smart ELECTRICAL SWITCHING, or control of INTERMEDIATE properties between:

  - OPAQUE - OFF state             - to BLOCK Direct SUN-LIGHT, give PRIVACY PROTECTION in the room & PROJECTION


* clearness:   3 -4% ultra clear transparent stage, very wide viewing angle at transparent stage (close to glass)

* uniformity:   very uniform at opaque and semi-clear state

* switching:   15-20V AC low driving voltage to switch to clear / translucent state (safe voltage <36V)

* low power:  3-5W/m2 (at clear state)

* long life:     100 Million times switching on-off

* stability:     UV & Thermally very stable (does not change at touching & sun), uniform at opaque and semi-clear state

* resistance: high moisture resistance (no need for lamination and edge sealing), no delamination at peeling test

* projection:  suitable for both front and rear / back projection, uniform light diffusion

* viewing:      VAI viewing angle Independent Brightness for projection at all angles (viewing of video at true colours)

* big sheets: 1240 x 2800mm max. Can be cut to requirement sizes and placed close to each other to form bigger area


# can be laminated during windows production or easily mounted to existing glass (by unexperienced installers)

# for modern environmental glass Wall Building & house, hospital, banks, office, car dealer, conservatory, airport, shopping mall

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Light diffusion for films in front of projector

* uniform brightness for LC Privacy Film

True colour projection on Privacy Film

Wide Viewing Angle and VAI brightness


LC Privacy Film

Clarity Haze

3 - 4 % Ultra Clear at transparent stage

Viewing Angle

Very Wide Viewing Angle at transparent stage (viewing angle is close to glass).


Very Uniform at opaque and semi-clear state

Driving Voltage

15-20 V AC Voltage (Safety Voltage < 36 V can be used)

Operational Lifetime

Lifetime > 100 Million switching on-off times

Thermal Stability

Thermally Very Stable Opaque level remains at hand touching, sunlight temp. or living heat up

UV Stability

Very Strong UV stability  (No color change after direct UV exposure for one month)

Moisture Resistance

Very Good Moisture Resistance Can operate without seal for many years without edge effect


No Delamination (Peeling tests show strong, even and symmetric adhesion, between LC layer and ITO coatings)

Viewable Projection

Suitable for both front and rear projections (at opaque state)

Brightness Stability

VAI Viewing Angle Independent Brightness for projection at all viewing angles.


Novel large LC Privacy Film development solved problems and improved parameters of older privacy films:

- low haze                - chemical stability       - low driving voltage       - strong UV, thermal and moisture resistance

- resistance to moisture (including resistance to edge effect) and consequent no need to lamination protection (saving energy and cost of production)

- possibility of applications for front and rear projection with uniform brightness and wide VAI viewing angles


Currently produced LC Privacy Film can be put directly on the existing window or during glass production:

1. by lamination during glass production

2. using sun curable optical glue (photo-sensitive polymer with water-like thin very low viscosity, with good adhesion to inorganic glass and organic film, good transparency, able to be cured with sun or any source of daylight, including office/home fluorescent light, with great flexibility and durability), (gluing removes reflection on interface between film and window, improves optical performance by reducing haze, and having higher transparency, results in sharper projection, easiness to handle for non-professionals, with high success rate of installation, even for unexperienced ordinary people)

3. using double sided tape or regular clear tape (for simple, fast applications).

4. UV curable glue or self-adhesive LC film (requires high skill professionals, experience and equipment, so not easy to perform)

* older types of LC films requirying using UV curable glue or self-adhesive LC films are not advised (require high skill professionals, experience and equipment, may introduce electrostatic charge and offer worse parameters)


The offered sun curable optical glue assures of:

- low haze                           - photo-sensitivity to visible light      - low viscosity (thin, similar to water)     

- adhesion promotion           - reflective index matching               - flexibility of cured polymer, durability

- easy curing initiation with sun light, outdoor light, or any source of daylight, including home/office fluorescent light

- easy secure installation by ordinary people                              - high stability


Dust-free/air-bubble-free installation of LC Privacy Film to window using new technique of sun curable glue:

                     The process of installation of LC Privacy Film with sun-curable glue is easy and secure.

                     Electrostatic charge is eliminated and thus does not affect the results.

            - there is no self adhesive masking film which could generate charge & attract particles, and cleaning with IPA

                     LC Privacy Film is easily positioned on glass (film is not self adhesive and is positioned before applying glue)

                     Dust is detectable and removable (with easy inspection, correction and cleaning)

                     Air bubbles are preventable and removable (by proper removal of dust and using water-like thin glue)

                     The method easily delivers a good flatness and uniformity.

                     Each step is reversible and repeatable before curing (by careful inspection & corrections)

                     There are no special needs for curing except sun or similar light source (UV can also be used to speed it up)                      Even after applying the glue but before curing, the film can easily be peeled off from a glass, since the uncured

            sunlight curing glue is not sticky, and the film can be cleaned up with IPA isopropyl alcohol for reuse.

                     This method delivers a high quality installation with great savings in tooling, energy, time, and cost.

                     - There is no special requirement for tooling and skill to use this new method.

                     - It is easy for ordinary people to get satisfactory result.

                     These advantages of very low viscosity, super transparency and easy handling & curing of glue can also be

            utilized for different applications to repair delamination, to make laminated glass/polycarbonate panels

            with resin casting process and to laminate other films for windows of cars and buildings.


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