(reflecting heat energy of visible light, IR, UV) + PRIVACY using LC Liquid Crystal novel FILM

Can also be used for smart Decoration + Projection  + Advertisements + IR TOUCH SCREEN


* can be used for ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY SAVING of Glass Wall Buildings (helps keep room warm in winter & cool in summer): thermally insulates & REFLECTS HEAT from visible light (44% of heating effect), IR (53% heat), UV (3% heat), cut off 99% UV ultra violet light (reduces harm to body). Compare: standard low-eco glass does NOT reflect heat of visible light.

* with smart ELECTRICAL SWITCHING, or control of INTERMEDIATE properties between:

  - OPAQUE OFF state             - to BLOCK Direct SUN-LIGHT & give PRIVACY PROTECTION in the room

  - TRANSLUCENT ON State    - for OUTSIDE VIEW / OPEN PLAN (with 3.5W/m2 power consumption), 130o observation

* can be used for DECORATION, PROJECTION SCREEN & IR  Multi-Input TOUCH SCREEN for ADVERTISING, Visual Effects

- 0.7mm thick, custom made large dimensions (eg 2600*950mm can be combined to larger areas), including large Touch Panel

- easily stuck to glass (static high sticking silica gel). Variety of custom made patterns possible.

- Protective surface coating: anti-electrostatic, anti-dust, anti-fingerprints, oil & dirt resistant, anti-scratching 3H hardness,

# for modern environmental glass Wall Building & house, hospital, banks, office, car dealer, conservatory, airport, shopping mall

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LC Liquid Crystal film used for Large Area SUN PROTECTION + ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY SAVING (reflecting heat energy of visible Light, IR & UV) + PRIVACY  + PROJECTION ADVERTISEMENT Screen (ON: transparent, OFF: opaque) for Glass Wall Building. Can also be used for DECORATION + PROJECTION  + Advertisements + IR TOUCH SCREENS.

(hospital, office, airport, car dealer, shopping mall, banks, conservatory) 


Heat energy produced from light consists of:

1) Visible light heat -44% (percentage of total heat)                 2) IR ray heat -53%          3) UV ray heat -3%        

* In the Summer, to lower inside heat energy due to light passing “glass wall” by each 1 degree centigrade

may require moving down air conditioning with 6% increased power consumption.



           * Air conditioning power consumption could be reduced (when too high outdoor temperature),

                 and indoor temperature could be kept comparatively cool, with the help of the LC Liquid Crystal Film,

 particularly in its opaque state, due to its good heat insulation properties.

General glass with inferior heat insulation Effect (transmits heat from IR, UV and visible light)


Low-Eco glass with heat insulation effect (reflects heat from IR and UV, but NOT from visible light)


Glass with attached LC Liquid Crystal Environmental Film

with GOOD heat insulation Effect (reflects heat from IR, UV and visible light)


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