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  Cold Rolling Mills for carbon, alloy, SS stainless steel, aluminium, copper.  
  Reversible and non-reversible Mills
* We offer Reversible or Non-Reversing 4-High Cold Rolling Mills, 6-High Cold Rolling Mills, Cold Rolling Mills Lines  consisting of many machines and in configurations, according to request of the customers. Mills can be for carbon, alloy, SS stainless steel, aluminium, copper for secondary and finish rolling.
We look forward to enquiry with your requirements.

Multi-Machine Set Cold Rolling Mill

4-High Cold Rolling Mill


6-High Precision Cold Rolling Mill


4-HIGH COLD ROLLING MILL, in variety of sizes, reversing or non-reversing:

Work roll diameter                 Φ120 ~ Φ350mm dia

Back up Roll diameter           Φ450 ~ Φ1050mm dia

Roll surface length                450   ~ 1450mm long

Max milling pressure:            2400KN ~ 12000KN

Max. feeding thickness      <5mm

End Product thickness       <0.15mm

Width of product               <1250mm

Milling speed                   60 ~ 1000m/min (depending on customer option parameters)

Milling line elevation              900mm

Main motor         Z-4 series DC motor depending on the rolling speed and the plate width

Reducer             ZLY355~630 speed ratio depending on the rolling speed

Double helical gearbox:

   Working roll transmission     A=255mm or 350mm       Mn=7 ~ 12mm    B=360mm

   Supporting roll transmission A=590mm ~ 1100mm      Mn=12 ~ 21mm  B=500mm

Pressing motor device            YEJ N-7.5 ~ 22KW   or  Z-4 direct current machine   

                                            or   hydraulic AGC system

Pressing total speed ratio        Electrically operated pressing      i=1400

Pressing speed                       Electrically operated pressing      v=0.0682mm/s

Equipment dimensions:           6800mm long 3300mm width 3700mm high

                                             ~ 12500mm long 10000mm width 7600mm high

Equipment gross weight          35 ~ 614 ton



example parameters:


Single plane, reversible

Diameter of rolls

working rolls

working Φ165 ~ 300mm  / back Φ630 ~ 1050mm

Width of rolls

500 ~ 1450mm

Milling speed

0.4 ~ 8m/s  =  24 ~ 480m/s

Power of main motor

400 ~ 4000 kW

Max.Milling Strength

3000 ~ 14000

Pulling method

Electrically operated

Coiling tension

7.0 ~ 70                          /   3.5 ~ 140

Intermediate roll shifting

0 ~ 170mm

Middle rolls with curvature

without curvature             /   with curvature

Work rolls with curvature

With curvature

Max. weight of coil

14 Ton

ID & OD of blank

ID: Φ508mm                    /   OD: Φ1600mm

Thickness of input blank material

1 ~ 4mm        (option: 0.6mm)

Thickness of finished products

0.20 ~ 2.0mm    (option: 0.1mm)

Width of Strip

300 ~ 1250mm

Rolling Mills are used to improve quality and thinning the metal strip. We offer Cold Rolling Mills suitable for SECONDARY and FINISH ROLLING of strips of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminium and copper.

* Stable driven, high rolling speed, big rolling force and high precision.


4-High Cold Rolling Mill uses working rolls and 2-back-up rolls to support action. It allows for input material to be <5mm and finished product to be e.g. 0.15mm thickness.

6-High Cold Rolling Mill uses working rols, intermediate rolls and back rolls, resulting in high precision and good shape of material. It allows for input material to be <5mm and finished product can be e.g. 0.1mm thickness.

* Small tension in horizontal and vertical directions can produce high-precision steel strip, level, stable,

controllable shape, highly-smooth steel strip

* Increased pushing volume and decreased quantity of stands

* Smaller diameter of working-rolls and less milling, smaller milling strength required

* Saved rolling cost: reduced energy consumption, improved rolling efficiency, yield and qualified products rate

* Reduced intermediate annealing or increased belt blank thickness, extended width and thickness of belt

* Adopting horizontal-roll can decreases consumption of spare parts for rolls

* Reduced cutting volume, broke phenomenon, and rate of waste products

Multi-Machine set Cold Rolling Mills are well designed and have configuration, allowing for easy operation and resulting in higher output production quantity than 4-Hi-reversing mill, or 6-Hi-reversing roller mill. The Set consists of many components, such as 2-5 units with rolls, including 4-rollers, 6-rollers, transmission of the working rolls, transmission of the supporting rolls, in 4-roller or 6-roller combinations.

Other Multi-Roll Cold Rolling Mills could be offered, depending on requirements of the Customers.

We offer also other New & Used machines

 for: EPS / PU / Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel,  Roll-Forming,  Slitting, 

Cut-to-Length,   Tube, Pipe   Lines,   Rolling Mills,   Descalers

for Steel Industry, Foundry and Sandwich Panel Industry




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