PU Sandwich Panel Lines for Insulated Roof, Walls & Doors

  with Rubber or Caterpillar Conveyor of Polyurethane filling

* We offer PU Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Lines, with High Pressure Injection Mixing Head

for making Profiles for Roofs, Walls & Garage Doors.


* We offer materials for production on the lines: Colour Painted Galvanized Steel coils, PU material.

We look forward to enquiry with your requirement.


                                          Manual Uncoilers                                                                              Double Layer Flat Cutter



   PU Polyurethane Injection Foaming Machine                                                                 Rubber Belt Conveyor


Caterpillar Belt Conveyor

Finished item Double Saw Cutter


Examples of PU Insulated Sandwich Panels for Garage Doors

(view of production of panels, while kept between Side Blocks of the Conveyor)


Continuous PU Insulated Sandwich Panel Roll-Forming Line with for insulated Roof & Wall Profiles

with Caterpillar Belt Conveyor


Continuous PU Insulated Sandwich Panel Roll-Forming Line with for insulated Roof & Wall Profiles

with Rubber Belt Conveyor


A) Un-coiler (2pcs)                                   B) Double Layer Flat Cutter        C) Corona Effect Equipment

D) Adhesive Plaster Laminating Device      E) Rectable Sheet Press            F) Single Layer Steel Panel Roll-former 

G) Single Layer Steel Roll-former              H) Steel Pre-Heat Device            I) Polyurethane Foaming Injection Machine 

J) Caterpillar / Rubber Band Conveyor       K) Side Blocks                           L) Rubber Seal Side Input Device   

M) Finished Item Double Cutter/Saw         N) Auto Stacking Machine          O) Finished Item Receiver


1. (a) PU Polyurethane insulation:  Thickness: 30mm, 40mm, up to 200mm,

    (b) Thickness of galvanizes color steel coil:  0.5mm(corrugated sheet) ~0.75mm (flat sheet) 

2. Producing speed of PU:                              max 8m / min., adjustable, automatic length & count of panels. 

   3. Line can incorporate Steel Rubber Belt Conveyor or Steel Caterpillar Conveyor.

      4. PU Foam Injection Machine:

         (a)   The Patented High Efficiency & Quality Type Circuit Mixing Head is designed small and portable with motionless convection and rigid component. It provides no abrasion, no need for expendables, no dead space, no remain material, no block up and excellent mixing of raw material compared with other high-pressure machine.

         (b)   The Machine is controlled by inverter and metering pump to easily set the material flow ratio within large and adjustable range to ensure the injection quantity consistency during the operation.

         (c)   The Stainless Filter can be removed and cleaned easily.

         (d)   The Patent Auto-Washing Equipment is designed for long life operation. It can work independently even the electricity is shutdown to ensure the mixing head not to be blocked.

         (e)    Auto Material checking & Feeding System.

         (f)   The Patent Swing Spray System can spray the resin to provide the consistent foam density.

      6. Double Saw Cutter with suction system to prevent the dust pollution.

      7. Auto Stacking Machine can arrange the side of finished panels automatically.


We offer also other New & Used machines for:    

EPS / PU / Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel,  Roll-Forming,  Slitting, 

Cut-to-Length,   Tube, Pipe   Lines,   Rolling Mills,   Descalers

for Steel Industry, Foundry and Sandwich Panel Industry




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